Published work

A selection of work:

The Canadian Press

Report casts doubt on two curriculum streams for Ontario’s Grade 9 students, The Globe and Mail, February 24, 2014
People for Education, an education lobby group, urges the province to defer making students choose between academic and applied courses until the late high school years.

Renaming famous Toronto landmarks no easy feat, Global News, February 11, 2014
A look at sponsorship for commercial benefit vs. honourific naming

Coworking a ‘happy medium’ between traditional office and homeCityNews, January 26, 2014
On a shared working environment that meets the needs of freelancers, start-ups, work-at-home professionals, independent contractors or mobile workers

Toronto Life

Real Weddings: Inside a joyful island party with a musical parade, July 4, 2017
Including a boisterous TTC trip to the ferry docks

Ten amazing historical photos that reveal things you may not have known about Toronto, April 24, 2017
Morgan Cameron Ross, creator of Old Toronto Minutes, shares some of his favourite old-timey photos of Toronto

Here’s what Toronto would look like after the apocalypse, March 22, 2017
Up close and personal with Mathew Borrett’s Hypnagogic City series

Thirteen fascinating artifacts about booze and gambling in turn-of-the-century Toronto, March 10, 2017
Inside the Toronto Reference Library’s Vice and Virtue exhibition

Ten wedding photos that will make you believe in true love, February 14, 2017
You will cry. Don’t say we didn’t warn you

These Toronto couples send amazingly awkward holiday photos to all their friends every year, December 16, 2016
11 hilarious holiday photos from the Gladstone’s holiday show, This Is Us

A look inside U of T’s massive archive of Leonard Cohen poems, letters and pictures, November 22, 2016
Thirteen thrilling pieces of Cohen memorabilia, including handwritten poetry and a fan letter from Ron Sexsmith

A sneak peek at what’s going into the city’s historic Waterworks building on Richmond Street West, November 17, 2016
Featuring a huge food hall, luxe condos and a sprawling green space

Rental of the Week: $6,500 per month for a designer apartment near High Park, November 8, 2016
A well-designed space on the ground floor of a huge west-end home

This Toronto classical ensemble performs pop-up concerts in living rooms, office buildings and hair salons, October 19, 2016
“The musicians are so close you can see them twitching”

“It would be nice to make substantial money in theatre”: A 24-year-old waits tables to subsidize her arts career, October 18, 2016
How the co-artistic director of a theatre collective makes rent

Have a look inside the GTA’s coolest new library, October 5, 2016
Inside a $15-million Dr. Seuss house-meets-Star Trek spaceship next to Vaughan’s City Hall, complete with electric car charging stations, a rooftop terrace, a jam space, a pet snake and more

Inside Penguin’s bright, beautiful bookstore, August 24, 2016
Sliding book shelves, literary onesies and everything on offer at the new Front Street shop from Penguin Random House Canada

New dessert parlour coats ice-cream in 24 different flavours of chocolate, August 9, 2016
But only serves vanilla soft serve

The Grid

Nine things you should know about tattoo removal, page 1, page 2, page 3, April 2014
Starting to regret that tribal insignia you got emblazoned around your arm when you were 18? Here’s what it’ll cost—in money and time—to get rid of it.